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Subscription Details


  • Sign up for our $5 monthly premium subscription.
  • 3 – 18 months subscription plan.


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MoneyPlan$ offers flexible subscription plans. By setting a Plan duration, you define a contract between you and MoneyPlan$; you decide how long you want MoneyPlan to accompany you in your savings journey: you can choose from 3 to 18 months. Cancel or reset plan anytime.

Plan does not automatically renew. User will receive a reminder, 7 days prior to plan ending, to renew subscription plan.

Goals You Will Achieve

Improved Budgeting Techniques| Financial Discipline | Debt Reduction | Better Credit Score | More Savings | Financial Security

In general, MoneyPlan$ users increase their monthly savings, improve their credit score, get out of debt, advance their budgeting techniques and learn financial discipline.

Tools to Achieve Goals

50-70/10/20 Budgeting Rule

MoneyPlan budget technique to divide up after-tax income and allocate it to spend: up to 70% on needs, 10% on credit card payment acceleration, and socking away 20% to savings.

Credit Cards Risk Mitigation

Get total control of your credit cards: control your credit card usage and choose to accelerate either the credit card balance payment or your savings goals realization.

Tailored Financial Advice

Get access to customized advice and guidance to help you prioritize, make spending decisions, paydown debt and credit faster, and learn financial discipline. MoneyPlan calculates credit financing promotion affordability, credit card maximum safe limit, debit card buying power by budget category, credit payment recommendations, emergency fund and bank cheque issuance fund availability.

Write a Cheque

The Write a Cheque feature helps account for cheque transactions before the cheque is posted to your account. It shows how your cheque spending affects your budget and savings ahead of time.

Utility Bills Variance Fund

For utility accounts not enrolled in budget-billing, MoneyPlan will cover the gap with the utility bill variance budget category; the fund will help keep a balanced budget should a bill comes higher than planned.

Cash Needs Fund

A monthly amount scheduled in the budget categories to cover future debit card cash withdrawal needs and keep a balanced budget.

Emergency Fund Management

Record, manage and keep track of your emergency fund usage

Money Score

Measure how well you’re staying on track with your recurring budget and spending.

Funding Goal Tracking

Set unlimited funding goals and see when you’ll be able to reach them.

Bank Synching

The app will import your transactions to provide you with up-to-date financial advice.

One-time setup

Setup your budget and forget it.

Flexible Subscription Plan:

Decide how long you want MoneyPlan to accompany you in your savings journey: you can choose between 3 to 18 months subscription plan.

Innovative Reporting

Detailed, innovative spending and trend reports unique to MoneyPlan, help you measure progress and improve.

Financial Advice Easy to Interpret

MoneyPlan uses color coding and dollar amounts to guide your spending and savings behaviors

On the Go

Real time access to financial advice to make good spending decisions wherever you are.

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How to Use the App

  1. Plan ahead: Before you go shopping, fill up your gas tank, dine out, make a payment on a credit card, or send money to a friend, check your MoneyPlan app to know just how much you can spend.
  2. Open the app: Depending on what you’re planning to do, open the app to the related page: Transactions, Credit Re-Payment or Budgeting.
  3. Read the advice customized for you: Based on your budget and financial information, MoneyPlan uses color coding and dollar amounts to guide your spending and savings behaviors.
  4. Act on the advice: To benefit from the MoneyPlan app, you will need to conform your spending and saving behaviors to the MoneyPlan advice tailored around your budgetary goals.
  5. Be MoneyPlan-disciplined: Resist the temptation to spend outside MoneyPlan guidance. Always consult the app before spending and read and act on the advice tailored for you.
  6. Save money: Follow all of these steps and watch your savings grow and your financial goals materialize.
  7. Readjust: When life changes, make adjustment to your budget and financial information and follow the first 6 steps to keep saving.