The MoneyPlan$ marathon goes from 3 months at least to 18 months. When choosing a plan, we expect you to see it through for MoneyPlan$ to work for you. But you can reset, cancel or renew anytime. Sometimes we may offer a month free as part of our promotional campaign. The free month is included in the plan you will choose. If we do offer a free month, you will be charged each month for the duration of your plan except for the free month.

Fees and Renewal

Payment method is set in “Settings – Budgeting – Miscellaneous”. You must accept the MoneyPlan$ terms and conditions and select your method of payment. Then, only you can choose a plan.

We accept credit or debit as method of payment. If you choose credit, the cost of MoneyPlan$ will not be included in your budget, therefore we encourage the use of debit cards as method of payment.

Payments are due each month for the duration of your plan. A month that is started is fully due and will be fully charged.

If payment attempt is declined, you have seven (7) days to provide a new card or your plan will be canceled. You are responsible to notify us if you do not want to renew by cancelling your plan in the “My Plan” section of the app.